Get in shapeHit the gymEat healthier and gain muscles, with Notion.

The ultimate system to you plan workouts, control weight, schedule a diet, and track progresses.

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Fitness at 360°.

Discover all the 6 built-in key features to manage the aspects of body health.

Create a personal profile to collect your fitness data.

Visually track your weight variation over time.

Over 100+ exercises are already available for you.

Add a new workout and build an exercise sequence.

Collect exercises for muscle and training type.

Create a meal plan to achieve your weight goal.

Over 100+ exercises are waiting for you.

All you need to get in shape and live a healthier life is here.

Become a Testimonial.

Simple Pricing.

Start taking care of your health, hit the gym, eat healthier and get the physical condition of your dreams.

Lifetime access.

Get in shape and eat healthier with ease.

$19 /49

Collect body stats.

Workout planner.

Control your weight

100+ exercises list.

Muscle categories.

Meal planner.

Are you a Student?

I'm a management engineering student. That's why I know the importance to facilitate the accessibility to high-potential tools for all of us. Get an extra discount by proving that you're a student.

About Me.

Hey! I'm Dave, a 22 years old management engineering student and a Notion Certified creator.

I discovered Notion in 2019 while I was looking for a tool to manage all my school notes. From that moment I fell in love with this amazing ecosystem and soon understood that it wasn't just a note-taking app. After 3 years of experience as a Notion user, I decided to start sharing my knowledge online, providing templates and workspaces to help students, freelancers, and anyone who wants to be more productive, organize their workflow, and work more effectively to achieve their goals. From that moment I sold over 20.000+ Notion templates and improved the quality and the support of my product over time. Follow my journey to learn Notion, and don't miss new templates.

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